Monday, 1 June 2009

Race Report from Saturday

On Saturday evening I was racing in the BMC Grand Prix in Manchester. I finished 6th in the race in a time of 14.08. Check out the link to the results ....

In terms of my finishing time I'm a little disappointed but that's partly down to my high expectation this season, I believe my 5k personal best is a little weak and after the winter I've had I feel that I'm capable of running faster times, when everything falls into place. All things considered though it's a reasonable start to the season, as my legs are far from feeling recovered from general training at the moment and conditions also weren't ideal for fast times.

I set off fairly conservatively and ended up working my way from the field as the race went on and was able to finish quite strongly over the last lap or so. I think with a slightly stronger field i.e. more people running in the region 13.45-14.00 minutes, and without the wind we encountered on the back straight each time I could probably have run my PB close (currently 13.57). I feel at the moment I'm still waiting for the past few weeks of training to come out the system (hence the heavy legs at the moment) and once that starts to happen I will be ready to run faster times.

With 6 weeks to the National Champs I still have plenty of time for performances to start falling into place and essentially start peaking at the right time. Before then I also have Another BMC meeting at Watford and the Island Games in Aland.

Right time to get a run in.

Cheers for now


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