Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Update & will there be 5k head to head?

Hi folks,

I didn't take the laptop down last night to the athletics so wasn't able to post an update but below is a breif update...

Yesterday evening there was good medal haul from the Guernsey Team and some exciting races... Kylie Robilliard & Lee Garland picked up a silvers in their respective events and Louise Perrio won Guernsey's first gold in a dramatic 10,000m race! There were also good performances from our junior athletes who would have undoubtedly picked up some good experience in their first island games. Checkout the the official clubs blog for full reports, video's and pic's of all of the days races.

In terms of my racing plans and for those of you that have been reading my recent posts will be aware that I wasn't planning to race the 5000m at the games, as originally mentioned this was due to having the National Champs/World Trials the weekend after. Last week I had a discussion with my coach and we decided that it would be better to get some training under my belt in the build up to the trials in Birmingham. However the temptation to race Janne Holmen has proved too much and the plan is now to race the 5k. Holmen is a Finnish International and former European Champion over the marathon so needless to say a worthy opponent. There are still conflicting reports as to whether he will actually race the 5000m tomorrow evening as he might decide to stay fresh for the half marathon friday but I guess we will find out tomorrow morning. The race is at 8.10pm.

Anyhow I'm going to get back to watching the relay heats.



utine involves a pre breakfast run out along the Mariehamn coast line

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