Friday, 26 June 2009

Off to Aland

Just a quick post before I head off to Aland for the Island Games week. I'm all packed and ready to go, packing proved a challenge mind as we are only allowed to take 15kg of hold luggage and 5k of hand luggage, so to had to pack quite light in some areas.

My race isn't until a week today (1500m) so i will have the best part of a week to maintain my training in preparation for the National Champs whcih is the week after I get back from Aland. It will also be my first 1500 of the season being that 5k has been the focus this season but it will be nice to have race over what was previously my main event.

Since the Watford race training has gone ok, I had an easier week after the race with the aim of letting the body recover a bit more, so it was predominately steady running but I still clocked up 80miles during the week. My track session Tuesday was ok whilst nothing spectacular but funnily enough since then the body and particularly the legs have started to feel pretty good. I'm still on course to clock around 80miles of training this week but again this has been mostly steady stuff with a couple session, but these have been fairly controlled.

I must admit I've really enjoying my running the last few days particular with the good weather so hopefully Aland can provide much of the same. In terms of the Guernsey team there is a fairly young team heading out this year with many new faces, which is great to see. Over the past few years and particular when I was involved with the athletics development role I saw many good young athletes in the sport and now many of those are heading to Aland which will hopefully act as a spring board for bigger and better things for those individuals. There is certainly still no shortage of experienced athletes going along despite a few absentees and I'm sure we the team will still bring back plenty of medals.

Next stop Aland.


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RoyMcC said...

Good luck in Aland Lee, but leave a few medals for the Jersey boys!