Friday, 17 December 2010

It's been a while!

I often seem to start my posts with an apology for not updating the blog for so long but this time it really has been a while! although I won't apologize as such, as its just been crazy busy for me these last few weeks, but at least I do have lots to talk different things to talk about. Most of which is exciting and positive although there was sad news recently for me personally. Unfortunately my grand father passed away recently, he was a true Guern at little over 5 feet talk and a very hard working man, by far the hardest working person I have ever met. He was truely a very unique and likeable character and will be missed by a lot of people, it will not be the same without him. It does tend to be these sort of things that makes you put life in perspective as you never know when things will change.

Many things have are changing for me in other aspects of life too at the moment, i'm off to Kenya In January for a month of altitude training, however whilst I am away we will be selling our house and moving to another. Not the best timing but I guess there probably never is and I have a very understanding wife! Another exciting venture I have become involved with with these past few weeks is the Guernsey Sports Commission 'Rising Stars Programme' which is geared towards helping gifted young Guernsey Sports Star achieve their potential. Checkout there new website to find out more about that.

Training seems to be slotting into place quite nicely amongst a crazy few weeks, I am up at around 90 to 95 miles per week at the moment and sessions are starting to come a bit easier now after some early winter blues. I'm also feeling quite strong generally from my gym work at the moment too... i've even added a bit of muscle! not that you'd notice on my 'Mr Muscle' style frame! Fitness testing in Loughborough this week confirmed i'm in good shape considering I'm yet to add any faster pace work as yet so I'm really looking forward now to getting out to Kenya and building on that now. Before that however I do have my last race of the year and first race of next to fit in, i'm running a 10k in Poole on Boxing Day and I have also been selected for the GB team in the Edinburgh cross Country on 8th January which will be a team match team against teams from the USA and a Europe Select. It promises to be a very strong field and just the sort of thing i need to get back racing.

I will get some regular updates going in the new year when I'm out in Kenya but until next year I leave with a quote my wife wrote to me in a text 'remember the important things in life as you never know when a tram may come crashing off a viaduct', ok unless you watch Coronation Street that maybe lost on you! however I knew what she was saying.

Until next time.