Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Race Report from Watford BMC

Well i finished in 8th place in a time of 14.11, so not really what I was looking for, unfortunately things don't seem to have moved on as they should have from the Manchester race 2 weeks ago. Legs still feeling a little lack luster and its more frustrating than anything else after the successes of the winter months that both training and racing isn't quite going as expected at the moment. I don't have a race now for a few weeks so the plan is to kick back slightly over the next week and not too push training too much during this period and allow the body to freshen up a little. Despite the time i finished with on Saturday and how the race felt in general I still at least managed to find some strength and speed over the closing stages, and the one thing which I do take a lot of confidence from is that whilst training and racing are clearly not quite on song at the moment I'm still not a million miles away. Only a 1-2% improvement for example would see me nearer to what I expect from myself and the sort of performances I feel I'm capable of on better day.

On a lighter note it's great to see the local paper are quoting me on my races using my twitter, presumably this modern day reporting :-) Perhaps I should try and seem what crazy quotes I can get printed up :-)

Next race is likely to be the Island Games 1500m, which is at the end of the games week. With the National Champs the week after I get back from ALand its unlikely that I will compete in another event as I need to get some key training completed while out there.

Assuming internet access is easily available while at the games i will try to keep people updated with details of what is going on in team and in general within the team accomodation.

All for now, Cheers


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