Saturday, 27 June 2009

Opening Ceremony & First day...

Unfortunately internet access in the hotel isn't currently working but hopefully will be by tomorrow, luckily there is wifi access at the athletics stadium, so currently sat in the stand with the team with the first event about to start!

We all arrived ok Friday evening at our hotel via our direct flight to MarieHamn (where we are located and also where the stadium is located). We've only been here a day but I think every is impressed with the place, the weather has been fantastic and Games Street which is located 5minutes from out Hotel -The Pommern has plenty going on.

The opening ceremony was held in the athletics stadium these things can be a bit on the long side but this year was ok and there was some interesting entertainment too! From a Queen tribute band to a musically comedian who wasn't scared to swear despite it being a family attended ceremony! below are are a few pictures off it all to check out....

Above: we were given cushions to sit on during the ceremony but at the end they turned into throwing implements!!

For more pictures and gossip on what the Guernsey Athletics team are up to generally checkout the Guernsey athletics blog ( As there is internet access at stadium we plan to video the races live and get them online quickly via a utube link on the blog so you'll be able to watch most peoples races not long after they happen.

In terms of my training this is the end of another 80mile week, feeling ok generally after the travel and a just a couple of easy runs yesterday. Got on the track this afternoon before the racing started and felt ok, hot today though! temperatures in the high 20's and felt particularly hot training as due to competition program starting at 6pm I had to go out mid afternoon.

Will post more tomorrow, hopefully get access at the hotel but if not I will make use of the free wifi at the stadium again.

Catch you all tomo.


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