Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Weekend of local athletics & looking ahead...

Saturday afternoon saw most of the Guernsey Island Games squad competing in the Meespierson Golden Series match, which had numerous athletes from the UK including squads from Wales and the RAF competing. Unfortunatley yours truely wasn't running but it was good to see pretty much all our local athletes running on home soil for the first time in while. There were plenty of competitive events and we even had the good weather to go with it!

Teresa was away on saturday afternoon and evening so I was on Thomas duties. I took him along to watch - not his first time to the track... trying to get him familiar with the environment :-) Not sure he knew what was going on but seemed happy enough. The athletics club also kindly presented myself, Martine Scholes and Rob Batiste with a gift each for our work for the athletics club, all three of us have recently stepped down from our posts, myself as development officer, Martine as the clubs hub for all things admin and whatever else people were able to palm her way and Rob was the Clubs president. It was comletely unexpected and nice to get some recognition but couldn't help feeling a bit of a fraud seeing as the club has a wealth of hardworking volunteers. Hopefully the work I did has helped athletics move forward over the past 3 years though. Certainly Rob deserved his after filling the role of club president for many years and is largely responsible in helping bring on local athletics so much in the past 5 years.

Looking ahead I have my first track race this weekend. Another trip to Manchester , this time I will be racing at Sport City - the athletics stadium adjecent to Manchester City football ground. This was also the warm up track for the 2002 Commonwealth Games and has been used a number of times in recent years for the National Champs so I guess its a bit of home from home as far as UK venues go. The meeting is a BMC (BRitish Milers Club) Grand Prix meeting and I'm racing over 5000m. Being the first BMC of the season usually means a good turn out so Im looking forward to getting in a good race and all being well running a PB first time out.

Anyway that's all for now, track session this evening which will be my last intense workout before the weekend, after that it's about recovery and getting ready to race.



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