Friday, 15 May 2009

Great Manchester 10k

This weekend I'm off to Manchester for the Bupa Great Manchester 10k. This will be the 3rd year running that I have competed in the event, which has usually acted as a good first race of the season for me in the past. It's also usually very popular with elite athletes home and abroad and this years entries suggests no different with a strong start list posted. This year entries include the living legend that is Haile Gebrselassie. Check out the link below on the runnerslife site which has a comprehensive list runners along with notable performances for each...

Since the training camp in Portugal I have been carrying a bit cold, partly down I believe in getting used to juggling training with family and work again off the back of some heavy training. Plus Thomas seems to have had his fair share of illness recently, so ended up picking up his sniffles on returning home. The immune system seems on the mend now and probably stronger than ever after the past 2 months! With an easier week of training the past week or so body and mind are starting to freshen up in time for Sundays race. The immune system has certainly felt healthy enough to cope with the introduction of altitude this week, as I've started using my altitude tent again which I plan to use regularly now over the next month or so. This basically involves sleeping a sealed tent at night which simulates being at higher altitude. I'm used to it now (as I have used it on and off the past couple of seasons) but it's bit noisy at first as you have a generator the size of small fridge inside the tent with you!

Check out a rather sleeping looking me inside the alternative to the mile high club...

Race is 10am Sunday morning but look out for the results on Sunday evening or check out BBC 1 on Sunday afternoon for courage of the race.

All for now.

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