Saturday, 12 December 2009

Racing & Sports Personality...

Hi folks

It's Saturday morning and I'm writing this between my morning run and a local cross country race that I'm running in at lunchtime. Now normally I would have plenty of time but I've got Thomas to watch in a minute and he's so active now that you need to be watching him all the time, only yesterday he learnt how to climb up onto the sofa, climb onto the arm and then dive off head first without any thought for the hard floor below (Tom Daley eat your heart out!), lucky I managed to intervene before impact occured! but he now loves doing it... oh dear!

Speaking of Tom Daley, this weekend is the BBC Sports Personality of the year award, I love this program, it just promotes everything that is special about sport. Throw in some carefully choosen music and it motivates me to want to do whatever sport it is I'm watching. Go the BBC website to watch the promo vid's of each athlete. I'm a bit torn now though as to who I want to win, I would love to see Phillips Idowu win, as he is a true personality and surely what the programs all about, the other athlete who has shown real class though this year is Mark Cavendish. I don't often watch the end of Tour de France but i did this year and his victory on the Champs Elysees was impressive, add 10 tour stage wins to boot and it makes good reading. Guernsey also has there very own representive in the junior category in the form of Heather Watson, I will be watching with interest.

Anyway time is running out with Thomas chasing round my ankles and I need to get my gear sorted for the local race. This will be first race on local soil for a while, my memory can be pretty bad but i think this might be my first race this year in Guernsey! usually I am able to do a few races through the year but with training camps, GB selections and races away I haven't had the chance. I'm looking forward to it, hopefully my legs will too as I've run a fairly big week of mileage this week, my highest to date infact (I will post it all up next week for those that are interested). Anyway time to sort my kit out and then watch Mickey Mouse Club House on Disney!

All for now.

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