Thursday, 31 December 2009

No new year resolutions but one eye on the big picture!

2010 is only hours away and essentially the start of new challenges or resolution for most people...however I never set myself new years resolutions, most people never keep them anyway but I figured why wait months or even a year before you deciding you are going to do something!

This year for me will see some quite big changes, going from racing 5000m as your primary event to moving up to the marathon is never going to be easy but with the opportunities that lay in wait (namely qualification for the European Championships, which will be at the Virgin London Marathon on April 25th) the carrot was there dangling. Furthermore a new event can take a few seasons to master properly so with the Olympics only 939 days away (I checked the official website) it was time to make the necessary changes in order to be successful in the future.

I have already started making some changes in training over the past few months with one eye on the spring, with this has come some sacrifices in the short term though. Most recently being the European XC Trials where I missed out on making the team, whilst training had been going ok, some areas of training certainly took a bit back seat which likely contributed to not quite having all the ammo on the day of the trials in order to make the team.

All that said this last 12 months has been a very successful period, amongst other things I made the GB team for World XC in Jordon, won my first National Medal at an Outdoor Track champs over 5000m and ran 64mins for a half Marathon when finishing 12th at Great North Run. With 2010 about to kick off its time to work towards the next chapter.

Thanks to Cannon Asset Mgmt for their sponsorship, without them the past two seasons would have been much more difficult, espicially with Thomas now on the scene. Thanks also to CMC for helping keep me in one piece.

Have a good new year everyone.

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