Thursday, 17 December 2009

Miles and more miles

I'm writing this entry from Lougborough, I flew to the East Midlands this afternoon as I will be carrying out a fitness test at the university lab tomorrow morning. It will also be a chance to catch up with my coach who is based here.

As mentioned in my last post I though some pople might like to see what I'm up to in training at the minute. Oh before I do, last weekends local race went as well as expected, I won the race by about 70secs, although I was effectively running this a controlled tempo effort rather than an all out effort. My legs still felt some the hills though, with fairly high mileage in the legs and the course being somewhat up and down throughout. Nice to do a local event again, its been a while. ALso don't know if any of locals saw the Guernsey Press last Friday but they used an old photo of me from 1993 to preview the race, I was fashioning an impressive mullet and my mum called me to say she didn't think it was me! scarily its was though!

In terms of training I'm in the process of increasing my weekly mileage to new levels (for me) at minute so in terms of quality/interval session I'm not doing that much at the minute, although this will change in the new year.

basic jist of what last week looked like....

am: 7miles easy pace
pm: 6miles steady pace

am:6.5 miles easy
pm: Track session of 10 x 1k (total 11miles with warm ups & cool down)

am: 13miles
pm: Weights & Core workout

am: 6niles easy
pm: 9miles with last4-5miles a bit quicker

am: 6.5miles easy
am: 6miles easy

am: 30mins easy jog (4miles)
pm: Guernsey 6miles xC Race (10miles total w/ wu & cd)

am: 19miles (2hours)

There are a few other little bits that are incorporated into my weekly routine, such as using the foam roller, running drills, stretching & mobility exercises and the occasional cold bath after hard sessions (these are never fun! but help recovery) I also usually do some additional conditioning exercises on monday evening, just not this week.

Over a 100miles for me this week, with the aim of building this up a little more of the next month or so (at least I will be able to tuck into a few helping of xmas pudding whichout a second a thought!) I think I was quoted in the local paper as saying that I may eventually get up 140 per week, although I think this is very unlikely before my first marathon, I won't rule it out in the future though. I'm having an easier week this week with mileage likely to total in the region of 70 or so.

Any how that's all for now, I will stick some details of how tomorrows physiology test goes when I get back into Guernsey next week.

Cheers for now.

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