Thursday, 24 December 2009

Last minute shopping

Last fridays lab test went pretty well, I'm yet to get the official results but on the days things seemed to indicate that the training is moving in the right direction for the marathon. I probably won't get the results until the new year now but will be interesting to see how it compares to the tests I did when I was racing the 800m & 1500m. Plan will likely be to get in the lab again in during the early part of the new year to keep a close eye on my progress but I will also have afew races lined up which will give me a good idea of my fitness, first race being the Edinburgh Intl XC on the 9th Jan, I think this one will be televised.

Anyway most importantly it's xmas eve and I've not finished my xmas shopping yet! to make matters more tricky Thomas has come home sick from nursary this morning when I had planned to get to the shops. The little man is currently asleep while I write this though, he fell asleep eating his lunch...its was kind of like sleep eating at one stage as he was eating with his eyes closed. He literally finished the mouthful and fell into a deep sleep - both funny and cute. All being well though I will get to the shops later this afternoon when Teresa gets back from work. Nothing like a bit of last minute shopping to get into the festive spirt.

Have a great xmas everyone and see some of you on Boxing day for the local full course race!

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