Thursday, 5 March 2009

World Cross Trials Pre event post

Inter Counties / World Cross Country trials are only 2 days away and the body is starting to freshen up nicely, which is exactly what you want going into an important race. I've put the bad run from 2 weeks ago behind me now but on quick reflection and to use someone else's words... it was a different sport! (in describing the underfoot conditions & terrain of my last race). I guess that's the unique thing with cross country running in that every course/race is different and you can't change that so you just have to give yourself the best chance of success by focusing on what you can.

I would be lying if I said that the result from 2 weeks ago hadn't effected me a little bit at the time, as training had been going so well, but I've looked upon it as a blessing as its removed any danger of complacency I might have had this weekend. I still remain confident in the knowledge that I'm in good shap though, better than ever infact. Plus if anything I go into the race in a very similar position to that of the European Trials back in November, as an underdog to make the team. I know that I need be on the top of my game in order to qualify for the team and suits me fine as it adds pressure, which you need to bring the best out of yourself.

All the races will be shown live on Sky sports this saturday, my race will be just after 2.30pm but there are junior athletes from Guernsey running through out the day, first event starts at 11am. Whilst the event is also the Inter Counties (hence you would normally be running in your county vest - Hampshire for me!) I will be running in a club vest, I didn't manage to get hold of the Hampshire team manager until last week and the team was already arranged, thankfully someone sorted me out with a guest spot! As I'm first claim Newham & Essex Beagles for road and cross country look out for a black vest with a yellow horizontal stripe through the middle.

For those that miss the race live, check out my twitter for updates.

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