Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Last update before Jordan...


Currently in Heathrow airport killing a bit of time, we fly out later this afternoon and will be arriving at our Hotel in Amman about midnight all being well. I'm having a rest day today but yesterday was my last session which was a 10min controlled effort followed by 2 x 5min efforts and then 10 x 1min efforts to finish off (all on the grass), the 10 and the 2 x 5 were fairly controlled as were the minutes to be honest, although they were a bit faster. Generally felt pretty good, although my right calf/achilles is a little tight - but nothing an easy week won't fix i'm sure. Last night we had a send off meal at the officers mess with some of the soldiers from the block we are staying in, before sorting out the packing in advance.

That's pretty much it from the UK, if internet at the Hotel in Jordan will post again later in the week.



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