Thursday, 19 March 2009

Training camp here I come...

Just a very quick post before I hit the hay...

I leave for the holding camp tomorrow afternoon, which is at the Aldershot army base. Had a call this evening from the team manager and the facilities sound excellent so should be great for training without any distractions. This week has been a bit manic with work, family, training and getting everything organised for the trip. On top of that after returning from Jordan I'm only home for 4 days before I head out for a short break with the family before then heading to Portugal for another pre track season training camp with a Loughborough crowd. It's all good stuff though and thoroughly looking forward to this weekend and next weeks race. The World XC is without doubt the biggest event I will have competed in thus far and after my first taste of running in a GB vest at the Europeans back in December I can't wait to do it again. Although I must admit I think I will find being away from home more difficult now in that other than a few weekend races it will be longest time away from home with Thomas now on the scene.

Oh one other thing that's kept me busy is the HealthChek Running Group which we are launching on May 4th, aim is to help others of all levels of ability with their running. Check out the link

We are also offering free training sessions during April and May in the build up to the race for life. As you can see there's been plenty going on!

Anyway that's all for now, if we have internet access in Aldershot I will post more, I also plan to start putting a few more details of my training sessions (track sessions, weights sessions etc) will try get some pics and video's linked in too.

All for now



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