Friday, 30 January 2009

Cinque Mulini

Tomorrow I head of to Milan for my first race since the European Cross Country Champs, which was 7 weeks ago!, longer than I would have liked but I'm looking forward to getting a race under my belt after missing Edinburgh.

Training has been pretty tough going the past couple of weeks and after feeling so tired last week the thought of racing didn't really appeal I must admit, but a good track session on the Tuesday and an easier week of training has left me feeling much more confident and with a bit more of a spring in my stride.

I head out tomorrow afternoon and will be traveling separately from the team (it made more sense for me to travel separately from the team as they are heading out via heathrow). This will be my first England vest and my first time I've raced this event, I first heard about Cinque Mulini last year when I met an athlete in South Africa who was heading out there later that month to compete. I've heard a few stories about the race and it all sounds very unique as far as Cross Country races go. As the name says Cinque Mulini (5 Mills) the route of the race apparantely taking you through the 5 Windmills on the course that's used. Its quite a historical race by all accounts too, its been going since 1933 (checkout the website for more info. Should find the results on there too after the event. The race is 2.45pm Italian time.

I will try and post up a race report either Monday evening or Tuesday morning when I get back.

All for now.

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