Thursday, 15 January 2009

An Award and a run with a Legend

Last night I attended the Guernsey Sports Commission Awards, it was a really good event, a well organised and entertaining evening. I was fortunate enough to pick up the Richard Burton Salver which was award for the best male performance of 2008. With 2008 seeming to have been a very good year for Guernsey Sport I feel quite honoured to have picked something at all. Alison Merrien (no relation btw, although I think her husband Ian is a distant relation in some form) won the Sports Comission Trophy and Dale Galand Garland was inducted onto the heroes wall - he gave quite an emotional speech I must admit. Thoroughly deserved - well done mate.

I also managed to get a run in this morning with Crammie, something to tell the gran kids! although by the year 2040 they probably won't have a clue who Steve Cram was or that I was even a runner! The fact that our run was along the seafront in rush hour traffic certainly added to the fun of it, I later found out that Radio Guernsey had got wind some how and had put something out on air that we were out running. A lorry driver shouted out 'You can take him Lee', no idea who the lorry driver was but amusing none the less. Actually I was thinking about having the title of this post as 'The Day I injured Steve Cram', he tweaked his hamstring just over a mile from home and I ended up driving him back the rest of way! I hope he doesn't read this :) or if he does reads it in the good humour it was intended. A thoroughly nice good though and fantastic to have had the chance to meet him properly. Actually one more funny story before I go bed, I was told this by someone else this afternoon and found it very amusing, ironically it involves someone I used to work with back in my banking days (who will remain nameless so not embarrass him too much)... some of the people involved from the Sports Commission took Steve Cram out for a meal last night after the awards when the nameless individual turned up very drunk at the bar where they were standing, the nameless individual shakes hands with everyone and says (sluring his words) alright Chessie, alright Dave, alright Stuart, alright mate (to Steve Cram and seemingly oblivious to who he was) then turns round and walks off, about five staggering paces later he stops pauses for a moment turns back to group with a puzzled looking but then without saying a word walks off again in his rather frazzled state. I wonder if the penny dropped later!

Night all.

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