Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Welcome to the real world Merrien!

These were the words used by a fellow local athlete recently in respect of my recently challenging Monday... My wife started back at work this week you see and Thomas isn't in nursery on Monday's, with my mum suffering with illness and unable to help that day it left me trying to juggle my new parental responsibilities with my own work as a personal trainer and twice daily training sessions.

Things have changed for us over last few months with Thomas on the scene, and whilst it's a bit of a cleashay I have loved every minute of it, well nearly! (still not a big fan of dirty nappies). A number of people have said to me that children will mean my running will suffer, usually people that don't know me very well and not realising how selfish I can be (that's a another way of saying committed by the way). I'm determined it won't change things, and whilst things may have changed generally day to day I still got my 60minute run in that morning and a slightly later than normal evening hill session in that day. I guess if there's a message its to look for a way round the everyday challenges particularly in respect of finding time for things. One thing I don't want to do when I'm older it to have to look back and say that if only I had more time to train I could done this or could have done that.

Ironcally As part of my new everyday lifestyle I had lunch with Steve Cram today! I had the priviledge of being invitied to a lunch organised by the Guernsey Sports Commission. He's a good speaker and clearly still very passionate about athletics. Those attending the Sports Commission Awards I'm sure will enjoy the evening.

Right I better dash now as need to get gym session in before collecting the boy from nursary (tugged on the old heart strings putting him in nursary for the first time yesterday I must admit).

Keep following your dreams, all for now.


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