Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Cinque Mulini Result

I'm currently sat in Gatwick aiport writing this, with my flight cancelled this morning to Guernsey I'm not sure I will even get back today as Guernsey Airport is closed. I was meant to fly back last night, however my flight back from Milan was delayed most of the day due to the weather in both locations. Long days in airports are not fun as you can imagine, so this report is my therapy!

Anyway back to the important stuff - racing! ...

The race was very unique, I finished 7th a minute behind the winner Shaheen ( a former Kenyan know as Steven Cherono who now runs for Qatar under his new name, he is currently world record holder for the 3000m Steeplechase), 2nd was Lebid (he won the European Cross Champs in December, I was 22nd in that). I was reasonably satisfied with my performance as its been a while since my last race, I felt quite strong and enjoyed raced again. I would have liked to have been a bit further up the field as I was actually the 4th British runners over but the guys who beat me have been racing since the Euro's in December and I wasn't far behind. I'm confident with another good block of training I will move my performances on before the National in 3 weeks time.

The race itself is quite unique, you run inside and through an old windmill on each lap! The race is stacked in history too, with lots of famous athletes running and winning the race over the years. See the link on my previous post to check out the full results and details about the history of the race which was first run in 1933 and has run every year since. Originally it ran through 5 mills but only 2 are left in tack now and one is now someone's house be the looks of it (we just run under the arch of that one) I will try to get hold of some pictures and post them up in the week as the surroundings are great. The route was still quite fast dispite runner through inside the mill, there were no hills of sorts, but your rhythm is broken by the turns and steps inside them!

I will probably update this post when I get home, apologies for typo's in advance as typed in a hurry!

Hopefully I get home today!

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