Wednesday, 18 February 2009

English National Champs a few days away

Its been a couple of weeks since my last post but I'm glad to say that my travel nightmares are behind me now! Looking back it wasn't too bad in the end and could have been worse, one members of the womens team who was travelling back to Edinburgh didn't get back home until 2 days after she was meant to.

Training has been going well since my Italy job, oh and before I forget sorry no pictures to post up from my race unfortunately. One of the team managers who was taking pics had advice from an Italian photographer on his camera settings only to find that the pictures came out badly! funnily enough the Italy photographer was also handing out cards to his website! I did find a foreign website though with a great link showing numerous pictures of the 2008 race and shows a lot of quirky aspects of the course. Unless you understand polish the pictures are likely the only bit you'll be able to follow though...

My last block of training has gone well and I've put in a good 2-3 weeks of decent training and I'm definately in much better shape than I was then. Track sessions have gone particularly well and I'm confident that I can put in a good performance at the weekend...

Its the English National Cross Country Champs this weekend, where as always a big field is likely to turn out. It's quite normal to see a field of 1500+ athletes running which looks quite impressive at the start with everyone flying off to get a good early position. The race is being run at a venue called Parliment Hill which carries a certain amount of history. Its known as a challenging course and will prove a good tester being that the World Cross Trials which are now just over 2 weeks away.

Race is Saturday afternoon will try to post up a race report Sunday afternoon if time allows.



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