Monday, 26 October 2009

10th at Great South Run

Yesterday I raced over 10miles in the Great South Run in Portsmouth, finishing 10th overall in a time of 49.23. The time was not as fast as I had hoped for but conditions were not ideal as it was quite blustery in places and the Portsmouth course is quite exposed at the start and finish area.

I competed in this event last year running 48mins 49secs, so after my half marathon at the Great North Run a few weeks ago (where i went through 10miles in 48.50 feeling good) I was looking for more. On reflection with conditions as they were I can't be too disappointed though plus with training volumes having increased since then so tends to take the edge off your performance.

In terms of how the race race unfolded I went through the first mile in just over 4.30 with the lead pack of 10 runners, however before we got to two miles I became slightly detached and i ran the remainder of the race on my own. So it was more of a 10mile time trial for me i guess! there was a chasing group group behind me that I could have started out with but I think I made the right decision as I feel I would have learnt little from running more conservatively and would probably have still finished in the same position.

All said and done the race will bring my fitness on some more with cross country next up on the schedule... the plan is race in the Gateshead XC in three weeks with the European XC trials two after. As for now we are staying a few more days with the inlaws in Poole before heading heading home, which will involve a few weeks sleeping in the altitude tent.
Until next time.

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