Monday, 12 October 2009

White men can jump!

Hi folks

Sorry it's been so long since my last post, I've been meaning to write something for the last week but things have been pretty hectic. With training in full flow, working being particularly busy this week just gone and Teresa being away for a couple of days mid week it was a bit of juggling act with Thomas to consider too. Things are settling down a little bit now thankfully and despite the busy schedule last week I still managed to get all my training in as planned. The last few weeks since the Great North Run have been pretty solid in terms of training, with the weekly mileage building up to 90 a week so far, key sessions have been strong, without setting the world alight. This sort of thing doesn't phase me these days though as I know from previous experience that a few easy days will leave mind and body feeling fresh and ready for racing when it matters.

Speaking of which I have 2 races coming up, this weekend for a start - I will be doing the National Road Relays in Birmingham for my UK club: Newham. I haven't had the chance to run for them since the National XC in February - which we won, so it would be nice to win again. I understand we have a really strong team in place so if everyone runs well we will certainly be in the mix. The Relays are more of blow out for me though prior to racing the following week in Portsmouth. As I'm only home for a few days before heading to the UK again for the Great South Run, Teresa is running too (for her charity 'Get Kids Going') so we decided to go over for a few days and take Thomas back to see his grand parents in Poole. It will be good to get back racing again for the next 2 weeks, its only been 3 weeks but racing is the best bit so it always feels longer!

Lastly I was following the results of World Half Marathon Champs with interest which were in Birmingham yesterday (an event I considered trying to make the GB team but decided against in the end after a long spring & summer of racing). Anyway its was great to see the american - Dathan Ritzenhein running so well, he claimed individual bronze in a time of 60mins flat, in an event dominated by Africans. I've been following Ritzenhein with interest over the past few months as he has run some fantastic times over 5k and 10k, so the half marathon performance wasn't really a surprise but motivation stuff all the same.

Anyway until next time.

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