Saturday, 11 April 2009

The travelling continues...

It's been a while since my last update and lots has been going on, unfortunately not as much running as I would have liked though, after returning to Guernsey after the world xc i came down with a virus. This explains a few things, perhaps why I was struggling in Jordan a little. After a few days of feeling like I had man flu I had to unpack and re-pack as it was only a few days at home before headign off to Tenerife with the family and friends. Its was Thomas' first international trip and he was good as good as gold on holiday, even slept in every morning - what a star. Holiday was good and it was nice sharing with another couple (Tricky and Sharon) who also have a baby (Lauren). I got my first run in on the Saturday a week after the world x which didnt feel too good but I managed to run morning & evening most days, I'm still coughing a bit off the back of the virus but I feel on the mend, just bored of airports now! Im currently in Gatwick waiting for my flight to Faro, Portugal where I will be training for 2 weeks. Looking forward to the trip but not sure I will enjoy being away from Thomas for that long, it was nice spending a full week with him in Tenerife, we took him swimming for the first time.

Next time I write will be from Portugal. Oh someone remind me to tell you about my two nightmares while travelling! one was on the way back from World x one was yesterday! They should be amusing for others if nothing else. Right better dash.



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