Friday, 17 April 2009

More from Portugal...

After a couple days of rain the sun was out again for our long run this morning. I'm not too fussed about the weather to be honest as long as it doesn't effect training as my main reasons for coming out here were to train hard in a group and have the extra recovery time, any good weather is a bonus though!

Today is the end of heavy week of training, with some 100miles in bank, some tough workouts under my belt as well as the strength and conditioning workouts, to say i'm tired today would be an understatement.

We went on the XC course for a grass session yesterday, a tough workout and still feel like I'm finding my feet after the world xc champs but overall the session still went pretty well and it's great to be doing a session as part of very competitive group with similar targets.

The xc course was apparently the course used for the World XC champs in the 80's, 's pretty nive venue in an area called Alburfeira which is only a few miles run from accommodation in Vilamoura. There's a few nice trails around to locations for running, which also run past the venue for 2000 World XC Champs, unfortunately that course is no longer used.

Currently enjoying my afternoon off watching the football on tv with Gaz (Gareth Balch... he wanted a mentioned!) and D (Damien Moss) both are 800m runners staying with a group down the road. Have know these guys for a long time, as we used to have the same coach from my days of racing the shorter distances.

All for now.


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