Saturday, 28 April 2012

I’m going to be an Olympian!

Wow what a week, the last few days have literally been a roller coaster of emotions, it's a good job we are on holiday as it’s definitely needed! Some of you will have watched the Virgin London marathon and seen that I missed out on the qualifying time set by UKA. It was something of a bitter sweet day as I should have perhaps been pleased to finish first British runner and to come home in a new personal best time however that was not the target. It's Olympic year and there was only one prize I was interested in.

Needless to say when the marathon teams were announced the following day I was not surprised when I was not one of the names included even if part of me had held out some hope. So to have now have been picked really is the stuff dreams are made of. For the selectors to have picked me and to given me the opportunity to pull on the GB vest at an Olympics is the biggest honour and privilege that can be bestowed upon me. Being a home Olympics will make this all the more special.I have run thousands of miles preparing for this over the past 10 years so I will be immensely proud to take to the streets of London and represent my country, I have to keep pinching myself.

Whilst I realise that not everyone was in favour of my selection, the overall consensus has been hugely positive. I am also confident that on another day in better conditions I would have achieved a sub 2.12 last week in London. I'd like to thank the selectors for taking the various circumstances into consideration and giving me the opportunity to compete on the biggest stage on earth. I fully intend to prove my place in Team GB and put in a creditable performance.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me, the amount of messages I have received supporting my selection has been somewhat overwhelming. Long distance running is a very individual pursuit but never in a million years did I dream of receiving so much support. Thank you.

Without making this sound any more like an of Oscar speech I want to single out my wife (although she rarely reads my blogs and usually it's only to correct my grammar and spelling!) as the build-up to this has been tougher on her than anyone else. Without her I wouldn't have achieved my dream.

Next stop London!


Serena said...

Well done Lee. You will have the support of a nation. Fully deserted selection taking all aspects into consideration. Followed you over a great period of time and you always give everything for your country and sport.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Lee. A very happy outcome. Here's to a successful build-up and may you reap further rewards on the day.

Steve Cooper
Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Lee with your Olympic Dream
Folkestone Running Club

Nick Sirs said...

All the best for the Olympics, Lee. I'll be there to support you on the day.

Anonymous said...

Good luck lee guernsey is very proud

Anonymous said...

Lee - very well deserved in my opinion - you worked your socks off there last Sunday - and mostly on your own - "Tough as Nails!" All the best for London 2012.

BartasGR20 said...

Hello to everyone.
Congratulations and Good Luck for Lee !
Unfortunataly we have the same situation here, in Poland.
Official minimum is : 2:10:30 for Men and 2:30:00 for women! However, three runners missed by less than 60 seconds : Iwona Lewandowska : 2:30:38, Artur Kozłowski : 2:10:58 i Mariusz Giżyński (Lee's comrade) 2:11:18.
That's I've organised support for the to persuade Polish officials.

Anonymous said...

Go Guern Go! We are both really pleased for you and wish you all the best for the coming months!

David and Katy Balch

Anonymous said...

Nice one Mezz! I am especially pleased as it sounds much cooler to say that you are coached by an Olympian!

Hey, do you think this means UKA might reconsider my 3 :21 from 2005?


Bob Wells Fitness said...


How are you doing? Congrats on making the Olympic Team. Good luck!

I also have a couple of quick questions about your training. Did you ever try fasted running? How did you feel about it before? After your training? Do you feel like it improved your performance? Any other thoughts about it? Thanks for your feedback.

Good luck in London!

In good health,

Bob Wells

Jade Graham said...

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