Wednesday, 13 October 2010

CWG 10k Result

It was a pretty brutal race on Monday, where i finished 14th in 30.18. Again much like the 5k the race was not one in which I was likely to run a fast time, the temparature was 29c at the start of the race and again fairly humid. It would have been easy to just say I didn't have a good race but actually on assessment there was were a number of positive points to take from my performance. For one it would have been the easy option for me to drop out, I was finding it tough going early one, from as early as 3k into the race, when udner normal circumstances I should felt in control until around half way. I remember the america accent from the loud speaker (the stadium commentator) announced 17 laps to go! it was hurting at this point and initially I thought 'crap' this isn't going to be pretty but then I just thought to myself I'm going to finish this race if it kills me. I remember dropping out of my one and only race many years ago in a local race in Guernsey, much like Monday night it was hurting from early on but I took the easy option and dropped out... ever since then I said to myself I would never drop out of a race again. Also on reflection whilst I didnt feel great and wasn't running espicially well nor were many other athletes (with perhaps exception of the first 4 or 5 athletes) with a number of the field running between 60-90seconds outside there best times. All in all it was certainly a learning experience and one I won't forget.

Now the plan is to take a rest for my remaining days in Delhi, I will also take some down time when i get home and enjoy some time with Thomas and Teresa, who I haven't see now for nearly 4 weeks. Going forward I will easy back in training and have yet to make any firm plans for racing between now and the end of the year. Next year will be another important year with a spring marathon on the cards with aim being to run the Olympic qualification time (as yet unknown), so I need to make sure the body rest up and recharges now so I can make this happen.

That's all for now.


Karl Simpson said...

Hi Lee - when you say 'downtime' when you get back home, what would this constitute mileage wise and frequency?

Lee Merrien said...

Hi Karl, basically no running at all for at 7 - 10 days and then likely another week or so just easy running, maybe just once a day of anything from 30 to 60mins... but very slowly.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee

I felt hot just watching that race mate! Very well done, it really did look tough and fair play for seeing it through