Friday, 27 August 2010


Hi folks,

Last weekend saw me race for the first time since the European Marathon and I have to say it was a bit of a shock to the system! Having not run for 8 days following the marathon and then pretty much only jogging the remainder of the time, 3000m on the track felt somewhat alien to me. Infact it was more or less 12months since my last track race. Anyway you can probably sense me building up to an excuse :) as I didn't win. Joking aside I was 2nd in 8.23 in a somewhat tactic affair (and fairly windy conditions) in what was the first ever British Athletics League Match to be held in Guernsey. Whilst I would normally have not raced so close after a marathon, particular so short a distance I felt I got a lot from the race and played my part for the Channel Island Team. I felt great after during the cool down too and since then I have run my first track session which was surprisingly good all things considered.

In terms of racing now I will be running the Great Yorkshire Run in Sheffield on Sunday 5th September in predominately European start list, which will be show on Channel 5. The field will also I believe be a predominately European field with the only except being Australian Craig Mottram. The startlist currently includes Thommo (Chris Thompson) who won European silver over 10k last month, an ex-Olympic Marathon Champion in the form of Stephane Baldini, as well fellow Brit Andrew Lemoncello and also Cheba Martinez of Spain.

I will only likely race one more time before heading off Delhi for the Commonwealth Games now, in which I will be racing on the track over 5k & 10k. I decided after I was selected for Great Britain at the European Champs that a third marathon less than 6 months would not be a good idea longer term for my marathon plans, as I will be aiming for a fast spring marathon next year. It will be nice to have go at improving my best times on the track for the 5 & 10k and pull on a Guernsey vest although I guess it does mean I am sacrificing my chances of higher finishing place by missing the best event, this is just how it needs to be.

As part of my preparations I will also again be going to Font Romeu in France for 2 weeks of altitude exposure (I have a very understanding wife!). The altitude certainly seemed to work well for me in Barcelona and the longer term plan is for me to spend more time at altitude in the future in order give myself that extra edge.

That's pretty much me for now, although for those that followed by marathon in Barcelona and those who like a statistics, I worked out using my 5k split times taken during the race if I had not suffered with the effects of cramp I would possibly got up to 4th place. I started to feel the effects of cramp with 7km to go and this forced me to slow down despite the rest of the body feeling quite good. Of course part of racing the marathon in those types of conditions is about dealing with such problems but it does inspire me and give me the believe that I can go on to better things at the marathon in the future.

Until next time.

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