Saturday, 27 March 2010

The last 3 weeks

Hi folks,

It always seems to be too long since my last post but I though I better provide an update of what have been going on these past 3 weeks, its been a bit of a rollercoaster but thankfully finishing on a positive on note. I also thought I better reassure a few running friends who might have been to scared to ask me how I was :-)

After a key workout a couple of weeks ago (A 20k tempo), which was run as 10k at race pace then 10k faster, the second 10k was actually the one of fastest 10ks I have run locally. I unfortunately a couple of days later picked up a niggle around my left ankle/achilles area which prevented me finishing my long run. A problem which subsquently prevented me for training for the following week and disrupting the a further week after that. This meant I had to pull out of the Reading Half Marathon, disappointing as I felt I was ready to run a fast time and improve on my PB of 64.27.

I'm pleased to say that things are now looking good again after a solid week of running this week and an ultra sound scan which showed nothing to be worried about. This was music to my ears and good timing seeing as I went to see Cannon (my main sponsors) later that day. I was invited to the first noon day gun of the year at Castle Cornet (Cannon also aptly sponsor this). So it was good to be able to talk about positive stuff and my plans for London.

London is now only 4 weeks away so I'm hitting the training again with a vengeance. After being in such good shape after the interuption I feel confident that the small amount of fitness lost will be recovered over the next few days or so.

Will keep you update later next week with training and possible racing... its the Guernsey Easter Festival over the holidays but I am yet to commit to racing as I need to see how this next few days of training go before deciding what will serve me best as part of the marathon preparations.

Also good luck to the Guernsey team who travel over to our neighbors Jersey today to race in the annual XC inter-insular event. We should dominate the mens agains ( i think we've won it the last 15 years or something daft like that), the womens will be a much closer affair.

Anyway I better get myself ready to get out and run, just a couple of easy runs todays to recover from last times tempo workout then a long run tomorrow of 2hr 30 (which equates to around 24miles or so), until next week.

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