Monday, 7 September 2009

The marathon becon's !

Hi folks,

Sorry its been so long since my last post, I will endeavour to post more regularly from now on. Since my last post I've had a bit of quiet time in regards to training with a fairly low key couple of weeks. After my short break though I'm starting to put the training back in now and looking forward to some autumn racing.

Other news which I didn't get round to posting up includes confirming a kit contract with Asics for the next 12months which will see them provide me gear and footwear, its all helps as I go through trainers like you wouldn't believe! The contact ties in with my main sponsors Cannon.

Anyway as the title of my post implies I'm looking at making the transition to the marathon! It's something I've had in mind for a while, as the event to take me to the London Olympics. After some reflection of this past season and with the Olmpics only three years away, now seems the right time to start making the changes required. Last season was arguably my most successful to date with two GB selections on the country and my first Outdoor National Medal on the track. I was however disappointed with my track season, which was below par after struggling to recover from illness and general fatigue after over-cooking training in April. Anyway after looking at things as a whole I think the future in lies with the longer distances in order to achieve what I want from the sport. The changes in training need to start now though as whilst a 5k runner might still be able to race well at 10k and even a half marathon the training required for the marathon is significantly different. I've recently spoken to Janne Holmen (the 2002 European Marathon Champion) whom I raced in at the Island Games this year as well as John (Nuttal) my coach, who I will continue to work with and I think I have a good idea where I need take things in order to run well at the event, although some of the specific's of training are still to be worked out. It's still early days and nothing has been finalized yet but next year is also the European Championships and I think I'm capable of achieving the qualifying standard (which is 2.18), so next year you might well be seeing my line up at in the London marathon for the first time.

More shorter term this weekend it's the Inter-Insular in Jersey, although I'm doing no track work in training at the moment it's always nice to run and get one over on our Channel Islands rivals. As ever ours mens team looks very strong and without wanting to sound over confident we should walk the mens event. I believe our women are a bit short on numbers so might struggle a little, hopefully that will change over the next few seasons. For any Guernsey people out there I will try to post up results on twitter, the senior fixture is on Saturday from 12.30 til 5pm. I'm travelling over Friday with Teresa and Thomas as planning to have day out and take the little man to the zoo.

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