Saturday, 15 August 2009

Rest week

Hi folks, I'm currently making the most of a week off running, after last weekends cup match, which we won, I've decided to take my end of track season break now. It made sense to have a rest now, let the body get some needed rest and then get back into winter training over the coming weeks.

In terms of last week 10 in 100 Cup match the CI team narrowly beat Blackheath (2nd) with Cardiff 3rd. I finished 3rd in the 1500m, having a close race with James Thie and Scott Overall, whilst it's never nice to get beaten the race was fun. Before the three of us had a gentlemens agreement to wait until 200m to go before kicking for home, unfortunatley I just lost out!

I had a few complete rest days at the start of the week, but have since been out on the push bike and been in the gym a couple of times too. I always feel better having an active form of rest rather than sitting on my backside for too long! although its the World Athletics Champs this week so that's as good a reason as any to sit in front the TV.

It's always quite nice to do something different and to give the body a break from the impact of running, my achilles which sometimes bothers me is also feeling much better already. Only downside is my backside is not used to sitting on a push bike and is feeling sore as a result.

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