Saturday, 25 July 2009

Anyone fancy a race?

I seem to have recovered from my suspected swine flu - apparently some people haven't been affected as badly as others but I was never tested to confirm the diagnosis so who knows! Whatever it was it didn't seem to bother me on Wednesday when I got on the track for the first time since the Nationals. Session Wednesday was only 400m reps though and this morning is a longer reps session and so will be a better indicator of things.

Wednesdays session went well though and all being well today it looks like I'm coming into some good form. My problem however is the lack of quality races! I misses out on the LOndon Grand Prix last night - at the time of trying to get the race I was ill with flu though so I can't blame them for not wanting me in the race! The race turned out not to be as good as it looked on paper though as the weather wasn't kind, I would still have jumped at the chance to run though. I'm looking for a good 5000m to run a fast time in, which is proving quite difficult being that the World Champs are faster approaching and there's limited meetings left before it kicks off in a couple of weeks.

Anyhow time to go training.- I have tough track workout this morning!

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