Friday, 21 November 2008

Welcome to my blog


Welcome to my blog, this is my first blog entry, something I've been meaning to get round to for a few weeks but its been a busy few weeks, infact its been a busy few months - during which my wife gave birth for the first time to our son Thomas (who weighed in at exactly 7lbs), I've been making plans for a change in my working environment, in one of my two jobs (fitness trainer, the other being the local Athletics Development Officer) and also fitting in the small matter of 90miles a week of running.

Thomas has certainly changed things around home, being an athlete means I love my sleep and getting my full quota proved near on impossible to start with, but he's now over 3months old, into a good routine and im pleased to say sleeping through the night now. Whilst I'd like to think I've pulled my weight in term nappy changing and various baby duties my wife (Teresa) has to take the majority of the credit! She is currently off work until the end of the year and thanks to her I have been able to keep my training going and my work has been able to continue unaffected. Teresa is not without her own fitness related ambitions too - only a few weeks ago she also completed the Great South Run (10mile road race) 11 weeks after having Thomas by Ceasarian Section.

I plan to update my blog on a regularly basis with details and articles related to all aspects of health & fitness, my own training as I work towards my sporting ambitions of running in the Olympic Games as well as keeping you posted about regular updates at Healthchek

From December 1st I will be working with my friend Andy Perkins at HealthChek (something else that materialised over the past few months). We will be working together providing a range of health and fitness services to assist others with their aims and ambitions. Stay tuned for regular info and articles on various subjects.

All for now, cheers


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